ROM and Wedding Ceremony On The Same Day?

Congratulations on being engaged! Right now, you are looking forward to living the perfect life with your special other soon. Whilst you are preparing for the big day ahead, one of the things that may have crossed your mind is whether you should register your marriage and hold the wedding ceremonial dinner on the same day. On one hand, it would be perfect as everything would be in sync. On the other hand, however, wouldn’t it be a little too exhausting to have so much going on in just one day?

Today, we shall explore both the pros and cons of these two options.

You should.

Considering that marriage is an important sacred event that is typically one-time, why not make everything align up perfectly? After all, wouldn’t the sequence of events flow better when it eventually becomes a precious memory you remember in the future when you look back? If the registration of marriage and the eventful wedding dinner night is held on separate days, it might be a bit confusing to recall.

You will also have to decide upon things such as how to mark your wedding anniversary date. Should it be the factual date of marriage registration, or the more memorable wedding dinner night? To save yourself the headache, why not just complete the registration of marriage and hold the wedding night dinner on the same day? It helps you kill two birds with one stone!

You shouldn’t.

It might be too hectic and exhausting for you and your spouse. For the registration of marriage alone, you will need to submit a number of documents as well as adhere to a date range given by the Registry of Marriages to file a Notice of Marriage. Furthermore, you will be subjected to document verification checks. That is just a summary of what happens for ROM. For the wedding dinner side, you need to budget, book a place and select a dinner menu for the guests. Invitations will also need to sent out to them. All these will take up a substantial amount of time.

You need to also consider that there will also be customs and traditions to follow throughout the day of the wedding dinner. Lastly, you will need to prepare a speech for your guests, as well as entertain them as a newly-married couple. With so many things that need to be done, it can cause an overload. This is why you should not have both the ROM and wedding dinner on the same day.

NOTE: You will need to hire a solemniser to help solemnise your marriage officially, if you choose to pursue this route.

So how?

I have played the role of the devil’s advocate for both scenarios, so while both options are equally appealing, how does one make up their mind? Since both decisions have their pros and cons, it will ultimately boil down to whether you want to make your marriage particularly special, or more smooth. For those that want it to be the most special event of their lives, they should have both the ROM and wedding ceremony on the same day, while for those who want to have some breathing room, they should hold both on separate days from each other.

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