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A Photo of Couple Kissing

When was the last time you enjoyed yourself with your partner? Ever thought of how photography could be more interesting?

Wonder no more!

Just like creating a travelogue for your travel experiences, wedding photography is also capable of capturing a couple’s fun moments at photo shoot to produce a treasured photo album.

As we look back at each phase of our lives with the help of photos, endless recollections of memories stream on: tender moments of love, little bouts of bickering, difference in opinions on various topics, etc. Since everyone’s different, there would naturally be varying perceptions of ‘fun’ as well. It’s up to the imaginations and preferences of each couple for the choice of tools and destinations to showcase their memories in a fun way. What’s most important is to bring out the fun in them during wedding photography.

Having a favor for the comical side of you? By using simple tools, the fun begins! A fierce-looking groom holding a sword and a fearful bride portrays their love to debate with one another. A groom with prince crown and a bride with angel wings can depict their belief for fairy tales. A couple could pose out a short sequential storyline of their love life to make photographs interesting. Along with the right facial expressions and suitable locations, wedding photographs could turn out to be a mini comic album where stories, emotions and laughter are generated.

From dating to marriage, each and every moment shared with your lover represents a significance value in your heart. Choices of locations can be made based on past memories, present preference or any place that hold special memories. An old café located in the garden might be the favorite hangout place of all time. It may also be the place where ‘love at first sight’ occurred few years back. Undoubtedly, it’s the place you would want to go back again to rekindle the fire of love. Indulge in fragrant coffee aroma or short sessions of latte art making while wedding photography takes this opportunity to capture pictures of enjoyment. Throughout this process, it also enhances a couple’s patience and cooperation with each other.

With the right scenario, wedding photography could start capturing the most memorable shots of the couple. A relaxing and fun atmosphere allows interactions and feelings to flow easily. What turns out is a perfect match between the lovers and environment. Fun wedding photography definitely increases a sense of belonging in a relationship. An affectionate couple becomes much more intimate with playfulness and it brings back good times of childhood where you can play without worries.

Henmond Chang

Henmond Chang

An Observer of Life. Love the interactions between Light, Spatial, and Human. Inspired to be a Poet in Visual. Despite being sensitive to emotions, his fun-loving nature always helps to hype up the wedding or event. Henmond is also a member of Asia Wedding Professional Association and blue member of Professional Photographer Asia Community.
Henmond Chang